Tiang Ibu Pertiwi – The Tallest Flagpole in South-East Asia

project Summary

The Tiang Ibu Pertiwi located in Dataran Ibu Pertiwi in Kuching, Sarawak is a monumental masterpiece standing at 99 meters, commissioned by the State Government of Sarawak and engineered by KKB Engineering Berhad.

It has been recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records as “The Tallest Flagpole in South-East Asia” with an official total height of 99.4 meters on 1st of January 2024.

project details

Situated adjacent to the majestic DUN (State Legislative Assembly) building and the historic Fort Margherita, the pole was assembled in 10 segments.

The first nine segments measure 10.0 meters each, while the final segment stands at 9.0 meters. At its tip, the pole boasts a 1.10-meter diameter, while its base spans 2.60 meters in diameter, firmly anchoring its colossal 120-tonne stature into a 9-meter diameter x 2.5-meter-deep reinforced concrete piled foundation.

The erection of all 10 segments of the flagpole was completed in just seven days, involving the swift assembly of each segment atop the other using a 550-tonnes crawler crane.

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