Tidal Harvesting Pond Raw Water Intake for Tanjung Manis Water Supply, Sibu

The Tj Manis intake works completed by others in 2018 comprises a 120Mld raw water pumping works. It was unable to be commissioned due to insufficient yields of 5 River Bank Infiltration wells and high ammonia content of the underground water.

Jurutera Jasa was subsequently commissioned by the State Gov to provide a solution to the intake problem while assimilating as much as possible the works that have been completed by others.

In order to overcome the problem posed by shallow tidal flats at this inner bank of the river meander, an innovative solution in the form of a tidal harvesting pond was designed to store daily volumes of raw water during the high tides for abstraction over the daily low tides. The pond is constructed on the accreted bank of the river meander. This simple solution made possible by the tidal regime in the fresh water reach of the Rajang river will enable the already constructed RM1 billion waterworks to function. The cost of the tidal harvesting basin is RM16.5m.

Client: Sibu Water Board

Date of contract award: 22 June 2020