Petian Extension, New Daro, Sg. Maaw & Tanjung Manis 2 132kv Substations, Tanjung Manis , Mukah

Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) is a corporation wholly owned by the State Government of Sarawak which has been providing electricity services to the whole Sarawak for more than 30 years. As part of SEB’s effort to expand the transmission of electricity to the customers, SEB has been establishing the 132 KV grid along the coastal regions of Sarawak. These expansions includes:

  • Expansion of the existing Petian Substation
  • Construction of the New Daro Substation
  • Construction of the New Sg. Maaw Substation
  • Construction of the New Tanjung Manis 2 Substation

The purpose of these expansions is to providing electricity services to more places in Sarawak region. This expansion covers Tanjung Manis 2, Daro, Sg. Maaw and Petian. Upon the completion of these expansions, towns located in these areas will be provided with more sufficient source of electricity, thus, providing potential development in local business and services or industry activities.

These Expansion are mainly consisting of new Substation with New Transformers to generate the electricity. These substations include:

  • Petian 132 kV Substation Expansion – Extension of 2 new 132 kV Feeder Bay
  • Daro 132 kV / 33 kV Substation – New 7 bays 132 kV substation which consists of a 132 / 33 kV 40 MVA transformer relocated from the existing Tanjung Manis 132 kV substation
  •  Sg. Maaw 132 / 33 kV Substation – New 11 bays substation consisting of two 80MVA transformers
  • Tanjung Manis 2 132 / 33 kV Substation – New 11 bays substation consisting of two 80 MVA transformers

As a Lead Consultant for this project, Jurutera Jasa coordinates between SEB and other consultants including Architects, M&E Engineers and Quantity Surveyors in the following scope of works:

  • Civil Works
  • Control Buildings and Control cum Switchgear Buildings
  • Foundations for outdoor switchgears
  • Guard House
  • Compound Lightings
  • Street Lighting
  • Local regulatory and authority approval works

The project has completed its construction in 2018 and has been operated since then.