OCIM Polycrystalline Silicon Plant, Samalaju Industrial Park, Bintulu (Formerly known as Tokuyama Polycrystalline Silicon Plant)

OCIM Sdn Bhd has acquired a Polycrystalline Silicon Manufacturing Plant which was originally owned by Tokuyama Malaysia Sdn Bhd at Samalaju Industrial Park, Bintulu, Sarawak.

OCIM intend to increase their polysilicon production capacity by having this MP4 Extension. This project will cover the new additional of new plant asset and upgrading of existing asset within the main plant to improve the overall plant facilities and operation. By having this extension, OCIM not just able to produce more polysilicon annually but also able to promote and improve the usage of solar power worldwide.

OCIM is acknowledged as a leader in renewable energy/solar energy field and is now one of the world’s Top 2 Polysilicon producers.