Sibu Flood Mitigation, Sibu

The scope of works is mainly located along the Jalan Lanang and Batang Rajang Riverbank from south to northern region of Sibu Town.

Protection against flood is achieved by raising up the existing road as flood protection levee. Installation of tidal control gate to control inflow of river water during king tide and pumping station to pump the catchment water using preset water level sensor to control the pumping operation.

As of 2021, 5 numbers of pumping station with total of 22 units of submersible pumps (3m3/s each of pumping capacity) have been built, installed and commissioned.

Client: Dwimula Bina Sdn Bhd – Hock Seng Lee Berhad – Pembinaan Nomisual Sdn Bhd

Project Completion: 2012 (Phase 1)

Client: Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Malaysia

Project Completion: 2011 (Stimulus Package)

Project Completion: 2015 (Phase 2)