Kuching Wastewater Management System, Phase 1, Kuching

Implementing Agency: Sarawak Sewerage Service Department (SSSD)

Turnkey Contractor: Kumpulan – Nishimatsu – Hock Seng Lee Consortium (KNH)

Construction Period: 2007 – 2015

Project Cost: RM530 million

Services Provided: Detailed Design of Engineering Works Contract Documentation and Construction Supervision

This project involves the implementation of first centralised sewerage system for Kuching. The main scope of works include:

i) Sewerage Treatment Plant of 100,000 PE (Population Equivalent).

ii) Trunk Sewer System consisting of 7.7km of 1,500mm diameter and 1,200mm diameter sewer installed by microtunneling method, up to a depth of 20m deep.

iii) Reticulation sewer 42km, catering for 67,000 PE.

iv) Retrofitting 1,800 nos of existing properties to connect to centralised system.