Independent Oil Terminal (IOT) Project at Senari Kuching

The Independent Oil Terminal at Senari is meant to replace the Bintawa storage facility with one that is more modern and capable of handling larger capacities for fuel and LPG. The project covers the construction of the following items:-

  • Fuel storage tanks
  • LPG spherical tanks
  • LPG Filling Hall
  • Tank Truck Loading Bay
  • Administrative Buildings
  • Related Buildings and Sheds
  • Supporting civil and structural components

Jurutera Jasa (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd ...
Consulting Engineers

is an engineering consultant firm in Malaysia providing a comprehensive range of engineering consultancy services to government and private sector clients. The firm specializes in the fields of Civil and Structural Engineering, Oil & Gas, Drainage & Irrigation, Water Supply, Roads, Bridges, Transportation and Environmental Planning. Jurutera Jasa (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd was established in 1990 and currently designs and supervises project value of between USD 100 million to 200 million annually.

The firm currently has staff strength of about 90 people out of which 40 are engineering professionals.

Jurutera Jasa (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd has successfully completed many projects throughout Malaysia and the Project Highlights depicts some illustrations of those projects. More projects are listed in the Project Undertaken page indicating the breadth of the Firm’s experience and capabilities.


Biodiesel Plant, Bintulu for PME Biodiesels (M) Sdn Bhd
Independent Oil Terminal (IOT) Project at Senari Kuching
Bau Flood Mitigation, Sarawak for D.I.D. Malaysia
Sg. Kelalong Dam, Bintulu
Bintulu Water Treatment Plant, Phase 2
Kuala Lumpur Monorail Project
Miri - Bintulu Coastal Road
1st Silicon Wafer Fab Project, Kuching
Kuching Public Transport Study
Feasibility Study for the Proposed Slipway, Premises & Loading and Mooring Fascilities for Beladin RGC, Betong

Bau Flood Mitigation, Sarawak for D.I.D. Malaysia

Bau town is located along the floodplains of the Sg. Sarawak Kanan. The town suffers annual flooding events caused by heavy rainfall falling on the Sg. Sarawak catchment which coincides with King Tide events at the sea.

The design concept of the project is to isolate the town against the flooding coming in from Sg. Sarawak Kanan and Sg. Bau by the raised roads and to provide pumped drainage to the compartments when flooding occurs in the regional context. In normal time when no flooding takes place, normal gravity flows through the culverts will take place with no need for pumping.

The implementing of the project will protect the town from the flooding up to a 1:100 years flooding event and therefore people will be alleviated from the flood suffering.

Sg. Kelalong Dam, Bintulu

The proposed dam for the New Bintulu Water Supply, Stage III project is located about 20km north east of Bintulu on a right tributary of the Sg Sibiu. The dam, which has a reservoir capacity of 33,680ML at the full supply level of El 30.0m comprises the following:

  • A main dam approximately 30m high and 460m long, a right bank saddle dam of 19m high and 330m long and a left bank cut-off trench extending 410m beyond the main dam incorporating two low saddle dams;
  • A concrete lined open channel spillway of 25m width in the right bank of the main dam;
  • An outlet works with a peak release capacity of 307 ML/day (with the reservoir at RL 18.0m) and twice this with the reservoir at FSL.

Kuala Lumpur Monorail Project

Phase 1 of the Kuala Lumpur Monorail Project consists of a 8.6 kilometre elevated trackway costing about Ringgit 1.17 billion. Involved with the planning, alignment design, foundations and civil works.

Feasibility Study for the Proposed Slipway, Premises & Loading and Mooring Facilities for Beladin RGC, Betong

The objectives of the study are:-

  • To provide a complete facility for the boat building industry and to ensure that the facilities provided will play an important part in the development of the boat building and repair industry in Beladin and the surrounding region of Pusa, Sebuyau and Kabong. The facilities include a boat slipway system capable of winching boats of various sizes up to maximum size of 200 GRT.

Upland Gyratory Flyover Project, Kuching.

Jurutera Jasa (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd undertook the traffic study and the functional design of the Upland Gyratory Flyover Project. The project entails the conversion of an at-grade gyratory to a grade separated Interchange while retaining the existing gyratory operation below.

Kuching Public Transport Study

The purpose of undertaking this study was to prepare a Long Term Masterplan together with Short and Medium Term Plans for improving and developing public transportation, as well as the overall urban transportation system and traffic conditions in Kuching.

Biodiesel Plant, Bintulu for PME Biofuels (M) Sdn Bhd

The proposed Biodiesel Plant has a production capacity of 500,000 tonnes per year. The full capability of the plant will be initiated in various phases.

Phase 1 consists of building all the infrastructure, buildings, tank farm and a process plant capable of generating 200,000 tpy. Phase 2 and 3 will involve building additional process trains and tanks for generating 100,000 tpy and 200,000 tpy respectively.

1st Silicon Wafer Fab Project, Kuching

This is the first wafer fabrication plant ever built in Malaysia. It is a semiconductor manufacturing facility capable of producing 20,000 wafers per month.

The works were to be executed on a fast track basis. The estimated cost for the whole project is USD 951 million. There are three phases planned for this site which covers about 97 acres of land in the Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone, Kuching, Sarawak.

The current phase consists of a four storey FAB building, a two storey CUB-ANNEX, a two storey CUB building, a three storey Administration building and the civil works around these buildings.


Bintulu Water Treatment Plant Phase III

This 100 Mld treatment plant expansion entails the construction of a river intake, a raw water reservoir intake, a DAF/Filter combined process unit, chemical house, pump house, clear water tank and elevated R.C. balancing reservoir.

Miri - Bintulu Coastal Road

The overall project consists of 175 km of coastal road from Bintulu to Miri. Section A1 consists of 40 km of road from Tg. Kidurong to Similajau Junction. The road is designed to JKR R5 trunk road standard with 7.0 mm carriageway width and 3.0 m shoulder on both sides.

The Firm's Corporate Mission

We are a group of people dedicated to the creative design and wholesome planning of engineering works, and to ensure that they are built based on sound engineering principles and wise use of resources to benefit the community.

We will strive to be a valued contributor to the role of humankind as the good steward of the earth through engineering projects that we plan, design and build. We will achieve this through the hiring of people willing to dedicate their time and effort to this cause and providing an equitable and fair reward system and a nurturing working environment for our people's growth, both in competency and character.

Our Values

1. Ensuring public safety as our priority.

2. Achieving efficiency in use of energy and material for environmental sustainability.

3. Commitment to character building in our people (Integrity, trustworthiness, attitude of care and servitude).

4. Encouraging continual learning in our organization.

5. Celebrating innovativeness in our solutions.


Feasibility Study for the Proposed Slipway, Premises & Loading and Mooring Facilities for Belading RGC, Betong

The objectives of the study are:-

Upland Gyratory Flyover Project, Kuching